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Communication Just Got Easier

MedTel’s Unified Communication platform enables your employees to be reachable at anytime, even when they are not in the office. ESNA Officelinx gives end-users the ability to access real-time communication services such as voice, chat, user-presence, click to dial, conferencing, geo-location mapping, and much more right from any desktop or from any Chrome or Internet Explorer browser.

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Benefits at a Glance

- Collaborate in any web application using the iLink Pro Chrome browser extension

- Quickly locate and communicate with others in real-time

- Work more efficiently by managing emails, voice messages, faxes and social updates from a single inbox

- Go mobile with one unified phone number and manage calls on your smartphone like you would on your desk phone.

Benefits of using OfficeLinx Unified Communication

To boost collaboration and productivity: We help our customers use the right UC tools and services to enhance productivity and communications for their staff, so they can operate as a leaner, more innovative and competitive business.

Because we understand technology and integration: We are experts in integration, helping our customers to achieve consistent, seamless communications across every possible environment.

To protect your investment: We understand that new technology often has to supplement, not replace existing services. Our breadth of expertise means we can either work with you on specific elements of your communications or provide a full technology refresh as needed.

Because we're business communications experts: Our broad portfolio includes voice, data networks, mobility, contact centers, document solutions and more. And we can deliver some or all of these as part of a managed communications service, where we can support every aspect of the planning, delivery, service quality, support and management of your UC infrastructure and applications.

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OfficeLinx Collaboration

Officelinx Collaboration allows you to communicate with others anywhere on the web. With Esna Officelinx and the Esna iLink Pro Chrome browser extension, you can access voice and IM communications, presence, click-to-call, location sharing and other communication tools anywhere on the web. With Esna Officelinx you’re never more than a click away to find people, to see their availability and to communicate with them anytime, anywhere.

OfficeLinx Messaging + Colaboration

Officelinx Collaboration + Messaging is a comprehensive unified communications and collaboration platform. Officelinx offers next generation cloud-enabled communication features that improve collaboration and boost productivity, including Unified Messaging with voicemail, Real-time communication applications like voice and instant messaging and voice conferencing.

OfficeLinx Messaging

Officelinx Unified Messaging provides next generation cloud-enabled voicemail and unified messaging to ensure that you never miss an important voice message or fax. Esna Officelinx integrates voice and fax messages with email and social collaboration applications from Google, Microsoft, IBM, and others.

OfficeLinx for Google Apps

Connect and collaborate with others anytime, anywhere. You'll be able to manage your voicemail from within Gmail, have access to voice and IM communications, presence, click-to-call, location sharing and other communication tools within Google Apps and anywhere on the web.


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