Why MedTel Services Partners

While MedTel Services is a fully integrated communication business capable of discovering, developing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing products on its own, we also recognize the value of collaboration. MedTel Services believes that its mission to increase the benefits of communication and security provided to organizations can be advanced through collaboration with other companies that share similar goals.

Working with MedTel Services

MedTel Services takes a strategic approach to business development, ensuring that the expectations of our partners are aligned with our own. We are an experienced and flexible partner that has and will continue to work diligently to maximize the success of our partners.

We have a proven track record with a variety of partnerships and collaborations;we are interested in pursuing opportunities in a variety of other industries. 

The MedTel Services Partner Program provides support 24x7 by our Technical Support Team with over 40 years of combined product knowledge and support experience. We offer Silver, Gold and Platinum Support agreements for all other products.




This is why I stay with MedTel Services and continue to push your products for all my monitoring needs - It is people like you, your TAC assist groups, contracts and just everybody in general - the whole MedTel Services team!! You rarely find this kind of service from a vendor and I have been fortunate to be associated with the MedTel Services organization for the past 10 years. I just want to say 'Thanks Again' for making my job easy to do business with you

Kevin McGarry - Sr. Support Services Manager, Black Box Network Services


We have been pleased with the quality and on-time performance of the projects MedTel Services has undertaken and completed on our behalf. I would certainly recommend MedTel Services to other organizations.

Mike Rossi - Global Telecommunication Manager for WWRD