The Cerato VCSe100

A Premium Communication Suite

Waterford Wedgwood| VCSe100 Case Study



In 2009, Waterford Crystal became part of WWRD Holdings Limited, a formation of Waterford, Wedgwood, and Royal Doulton. The WWRD group is the leading provider of luxury home and lifestyle products worldwide. WWRD products are distributed through premium department stores, independent retailers and wholesalers around the world including the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Australia and Ireland. The Waterford Crystal Company was originally established in 1783 near the harbor town of Waterford, Ireland.

Opened June 22, 2010 in Waterford City Ireland, The House of Waterford Crystal represents the largest display of Waterford Crystal anywhere in the world and preserves centuries of heritage, tradition, and craftsmanship.

The Challenge

Comprised of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, visitor center and retail experience store, tours of The House of Waterford Crystal are open to the public year round. Not only does this location generate a lot of foot traffic, but also a lot of voice traffic with visitors from all over the world requesting information about the facility and its crystal products.

In order to accommodate the vast number of visitors and still offer exceptional customer service, The House of Waterford Crystal required a communication solution that would provide superior voice quality, in addition to seamless integration between all WWRD locations, including the Corporate Headquarters in Wall, New Jersey.

The Situation

WWRD recognized the cost savings, convenience, and efficiency that network communication between WWRD locations would offer. To this end, they needed a solution that afforded extension dialing, call transfer, call forward and the ability to utilize a centrally located operator if necessary. Furthermore, WWRD desired the ability to take advantage of existing data infrastructure to eliminate long distance and international dialing costs.

Why MedTel Services?

As part of WWRD's commitment to obtaining seamless communication amongst all its locations, the Company chose MedTel Services.  This time for the Cerato VCSe 100.

With communication server solutions supporting 5 users to 9000 users, the ability to network thousands of locations, and centralized system administration, the decision to stay with MedTel Services was an easy one.

The VCSe 100 is easy to install and administer, takes advantage of SIP technology and integrates to other MedTel Services VCSe servers installed throughout the WWRD worldwide organization.

The VCSe 100 operating at the Waterford City, Ireland retail location communicates via SIP to all WWRD offices saving thousands of dollars per year in toll costs. SIP networking also allows the Company to service its customers quickly and efficiently, ensuring the highest levels of overall customer satisfaction are maintained.

The platform supports WWRD's existing digital (E1) and analog trunks allowing The House of Waterford Crystal to migrate to a pure SIP environment at their own pace.

MedTel Services was originally selected for its cost-effective and feature rich VCSe 9000 voice communication platform, beating out bigger name players in the telecommunications industry.  The proven reliability of the VCSe 9000 led WWRD to rely on the MedTel Services Semplice OMNIWorks contact center solution and VCSe 2000 solutions for locations world-wide.

The Results

The VCSe 100 is a key component in the operational efficiency experienced at this WWRD location. It has helped improve communications with customers and the 3,700 employees at various WWRD locations around the globe. The flexibility of the solution allows The House of Waterford Crystal to adopt SIP communication at a rate that matches business growth, and with built-in forward compatibility, the investment is secure for years to come.